November 30, 2018
Minister for Special Development Initiative, Mavis Hawa-Koomson has said the Minority Leader cannot scrape her Ministry since it was set up by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

According to the Minister the President knows what he wants to do with the Ministry that is why he created it, “I did not create that Ministry”.

“This Ministry was not created for people in the communities to collect money and put in their pocket for consumption, we are to use it to address infrastructure issues”, she lamented.

As to whether she is worried with the stands taken by the Minority, she noted that she is not bothered at all, “my budget was approved in 2018 why not in 2019?”

She noted that Haruna’s constituency he has two prefabricated warehouses, six toilet facilities with water system, and wondered why he should be complaining. All these are being done under the office of the Special Development Initiative.

“He is not the only person having it, all the others have it, the 275, they all have the project they are there when you go to their constituencies.

The Minister added that November 2017 was when the Bill for the Development Authorities under her Ministry were passed, and definitely they could not have done anything. “I think that is their problem”, she said.
“They wanted me to wait for the Development Authorities to come and start with their work, do that they would have the opportunity to blame government for using Development Authority as an excuse”.

Again we are not conflicting with the District Assemblies, they have existed for so many years now, we still have toilet infrastructure deficiencies.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/