June 10, 2011

Coordinator of the Konadu for 2012 Campaign Team, Michael Teye Nyaunu has rubbished reports that a faction in the NDC is hiring thugs to disrupt the July 8 congress scheduled for Sunyani.

The Central Regional Communications Director of the NDC, Mr Allotey Jacobs, had told Xfm 95.1 he has hints that a faction in the ruling party had contracted some agent provocateurs to cause confusion at the congress grounds for the sole purpose of disrupting the vote counting process.

Even though he would not mention names, Mr Allotey Jacobs cited two different statements by Former President Jerry John Rawlings to buttress his claim, calling on the leadership of the NDC to take note and prepare well in case of any eventuality.

However, speaking in an interview on Xfm 95.1, Hon Teye Nyaunu who expressed surprise at the news described it as a “diversionary tactic” meant to cast a slur on the former First Lady. He wondered how the congress could be interrupted by thugs when the President has the state security apparatus at his disposal, asking further, “where are the security agents?”

Hon Teye Nyaunu said members of Mrs Rawlings’ team are going to stay alert at the congress in order not to be overtaken by events.

“This makes me laugh; certainly this is a diversionary tactics. You are dealing with a president in power who has all the state apparatus at their disposal, and they are saying that information they are getting is that we are hiring thugs. Maybe this is something that they want to do and so they are just trying to play diversionary tactics and put it in the public domain that that is what we are rather trying to do. Thanks so much for he coming out like this to put us on the high alert. We are going to be very careful”.

We have observed that whatever they are doing, they turn around to accuse us of doing. When Nana Konadu was going for her vetting, they organized thugs to demonstrate against her, yet they were saying that it was the handiwork of Nana Konadu’s campaign team. It is not possible… I’m surprised at what is going on”.

He said it was unfortunate that people will misconstrue the Former President’s statements, adding, “Allotey Jacob should know better, as a Communications Director, he should know better; that his interpretation does not make sense”.

“This is just an unfortunate and lame-duck interpretation to the statement that was made within the context in which it was made and I find it very unfortunate. Nana Konadu is going to win at the congress, the message is on the ground and the people themselves know the truth.”

Source: Xfm 95.1