November 26, 2018
Member of Parliament (MP) for Ho West, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah has called on government to scrape the Ministry of Works and Housing for non-performance two years into the administration of the ruling government,

According to the Ho West lawmaker, if government wants the Nation to grow in terms of infrastructure, a chunk of the nation’s budget should be allocated to the Works and Housing Ministry.

He further lamented over the practice from 2017 to 2018 in which government is not giving the infrastructure Ministry enough funds and it repeated itself in the 2019 budget.

“Mr. Speaker about 19.7 billion cedis has been allocated to the  social Ministry,  how do you expect the infrastructure Ministry to do,  all the funds  goes into consumption,  so my friend goes into the office sit down he does not do any work that is why I am advocating that the Ministry should be close down”.

Mr. Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah made this remarks on the floor of Parliament when he was contributing towards debate of the 2019 budget.

In addition, “I am happy the Ministry has decided to take on state housing to lead government effort, they are going to put up two hundred housing unit starting from this year; if within two years government had not started even one unit, how we can talk about putting up two thousand units, it is a failure”, he stated.

“I had a shock of my life, when I open pages 245 appendix 14 which talks about ten toilet being built, as part of governments project but I built those toilet out of my MP common fund”, he lamented.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/