June 12, 2012

The Volta Regional Minister Henry Ford Kamel, says calm has returned to Hohoe following rioting by Muslim youth Monday morning during which they set ablaze a vehicle belonging to the paramount chief of the Gbi Traditional Area, Togbega Gabusu.

The rampaging youth who were incensed by the exhumation of their Imam resorted to destruction of several properties in the area including vandalizing the entire palace.

Tension had been mounting between the Muslim Community and the Gbi Traditional Council of Hohoe over the exhumation of the chief Imam Alhassan Sanni, who was buried on Sunday as they believed the paramount chief Togbega Gabusu was behind the exhumation.

The body of the Imam was said to have been found dumped on the Jasikan road.

The paramount chief was reported to have insisted that Muslims in the area were prohibited from burying their dead on the soil of Hohoe after some people from the Zongo community had engaged in a riotous behaviour when a member of the community was electrocuted.

The body of the electrocuted boy was also said to have been exhumed on the orders of Togbega Gabusu.

Speaking on Joy FM Midday News on Monday Hon. Ford Kamel who led a delegation to the Moslem community urged the residents to exercise restraint as the Regional Security Council delved deep into the matter to address various grievances.

He said the security agencies have been brought in to ensure law and order and also protect properties including public ones.

Hon. Ford Kamel who is also the MP for Buem, urged both factions to avoid acts that have the tendency of disturbing the peace in the area as no development can be undertaken in such chaotic situations.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh