March 14, 2019
A member of the Appointment Committee and Member of Parliament for Hohoe Dr. Bernice Adiku Heloo has said she is prepared for today’s proceedings of the committee to vet Ministers designate.

According to the Hohoe lawmaker she is putting her thought together as it is always good to plan ahead and ask questions that would bring the value and insight of the nominee.

On the criticism of members of the general public that probing and critical questions are not asked, she noted that they have been doing their best.

“What I realize is that some of the nominees do not get the trend of questions, so they kind of water it down, it all depends on the nominee, if the person is professionally ready for the job, you realize that the question and thought go in the same direction you get something professional for the nominee”.

She further pointed out that, “if you notice that the nominee does not want to go the level you want to take the person, there is no point taking the person there”.

“We do our best, we all have our strengthen on the committee, for me I want to ask the technical questions, some want to look at political issues, other back ground and may be something the person might have said years it would come out during the vetting”.

Again I would want to look at the capability and the technical knowledge and the challenge, also if the person is a Deputy Minister nominee, his or hers is to wait to be given job description by the Minister.

Those now going to the Ministry cannot give you details of what is happening at the Ministries since they are now going there.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/