May 21, 2018
The Minority Chief Whip, Mubarak Muntaka Mohamed, has said he does not have personal beef with the Speaker of Parliament and believes same is the situation with his colleagues in the Minority Leadership.

In the first meeting the Minority had issues with the Speaker Professor Mike Aaron Oquaye for not recognizing the leadership of the Minority resulting in walkouts and acrimonies on the floor of the House.

According to the Minority Chief Whip, if the Speaker would adhere to the rules in the standing order and allow the Minority to have their say then we are good to go, he said.

“It is my fervent prayer that the Speaker would give us the opportunity to accord him and the seat the needed respect, all the challenges we have had with the Speaker has had to do with him trying to ignore the rules and do things his own way”.

He further noted that the Speaker is a fatherly figure therefore they, the Minority would want to always accord him the respect, but if the rules are not adhered to, the Minority would have no option than to fight for their space.

“I am sorry the only thing we have is our say and I hate it when people keep talking to you to be patient, it is worrying because it looks like you are being the difficult one”, he remarked.

And added that the Minority would become completely useless, if they are not allowed to play their role, and that would be a waste of public funds.

I want to earn my salary but I do not want to collect my salary but rather fight to earn my salary, we would want to have a perfect peace in the House, he said.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/