July 22, 2015

The Member of Parliament for Tema East, Titus Glover has discounted claims by NDC parliamentary aspirant, Michael Nii Abbey that he has failed his constituents.

Michael Abbey on Point Blank on Eyewitness News accused Titus Glover for reneging on his promises to the people of Tema East.

According to Mr. Abbey, the incumbent MP must be shown the exit in next year’s elections because he has lost touch with the people.

“Titus Glover has lost connection with the people, when you fail to fulfill your promise then the people’s trust in you dwindles,”

“For instance he promised the fire service department in Tema that he is going to build an apartment for them, but nothing has been done after the sod cutting ceremony. He also promised a library project for a secondary school in Tema Manhia but that is yet to be fulfilled,” he said.

In response however, Titus Glover blamed the NDC for rather causing the delays in some of the projects within the area.

“Problems should be laid at the doorstep of the chief executive who is playing politics with the project because I had long received the funding for most projects. But the DCE is yet to award the contracts for work to begin,” he said.

Mr. Glover further expressed confidence of retaining the seat for the NPP in the 2016 elections since he believes Mr. Abbey is no match for him.

“He is just seeking votes…I pray that he wins to come and face me and we will know who is popular in Tema East,” he added.