August 24, 2015

Member of Parliament for Adenta constituency, Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, says when he hears his grammatical blunders in Parliament being played on radio he laughs over it.

According to him, “Life is too short to keep such things in me so when I hear my mistakes in Parliament, I just laugh”.

Hon Ashie Moore insists he is not perturbed by the comments people make about him because everybody makes mistakes.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station Monday, Hon. Moore who claims to speak more than four international languages said he is not the first to make mistakes in Parliament and will not be the last either.

Mr. Moore, since being elected to the House, has had difficulty expressing himself.

In 2014, he sought to know from the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing when the acute water shortage at Adentan would be solved.

His question read: “I want to know from the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing when the acute perennial water shortage endured by the people of Adentan would be solved.”

But he failed to pronounce “endured” correctly and Speaker Doe Adjaho asked him to repeat the question.

He proceeded to pronounce perennial as “perential” and “endured” as “endoiled”, provoking laughter from his colleagues and subsequently the general public.

He is also renowned for for uttering phrases such as “Did you spoke..?” Instead of “Did you speak..? and “Did you attributed..?” instead of “Did you attribute…”? while questioning persons who appear before the Privileges Committee of the House.

Some radio stations have since joined the various voices and play them as part of their content but the Adentan MP says he is not bothered in the least.