November 7, 2017

Minister of Interior, Ambrose Dery said there has been several deportation done by his Ministry and the deportation of the Indian businessman Mr. Ashok Kumar Sivaram   was based on security grounds.
He further pointed out in an interview that he respect the judgement of the court,“If the India man thinks his deportation was wrong and he want to court “so be it and if he has gotten judgement so be it”.

In a ruling presided by Mr. Justice Kweku T Ackah-Boafo held that the Interior Minister exceeded his jurisdiction when he determined that the Indian had engaged in fraud and subsequently deported him.

The right to remain in this country or be deported, remains the right of the Ministry of Interior no judgment can take that away and I am retreating, I respect the judgement.

And revealed that he was out of Accra when the judgement was given, the Ministry will study the court decision, our own people are being deported from other countries back home they are not deported because they are economic liabilities.

“The miss information that went out there about this deportation of this India man is so laughable”, he said.

As to whether the Minister had a personal interest in the case he responded by saying, “I do not know the man from Adam, and I have never met any deportee there are institution that worked on this case and came out with recommendation”, he lamented.

“Now that there is judgement I can make some statements, because initially I am a lawyer when something is going in the court I do not make comments, some of the things I heard is ridiculous, the man is employing drug barons is that not a security consideration”.

He noted that he is not praying that anything will happen, I am playing my part if anything happens I will be able to come forward and say I played my part, he said.

Mr. Dery told if he had personal interest in the case, he has a law firm he would have engaged lawyers from his law firm to go after the case.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/