May 28, 2018
Contrary to views of his colleagues Members of Parliament of not accepting first class and masters research assistants, Henry Ernest Norgbey Member of Parliament for Ashiaman has a contrary view and support the move.

According to the Ashiaman lawmaker, most MPs do not have time to conduct their own research or read through documents to make meaningful argument, due to Parliamentary and constituency work.

He further added that, having a masters and first class research assistant would boost MPs contribution and can speak on authority that some MPs do not have Diploma or HND, some have NVTI.

Despite supporting the idea of masters and first class research assistant, he was quick to point out that, some first class holders did not obtain their grades genuinely, as second class upper and lower division holders are better than them, he lamented.

And added that he has gone through tertiary educational system and he is not intimidated to have a first class or Masters Research assistant.

Again, an MP diploma holder would say, how can I bring someone with higher academic credentials than me to work for me to undermine me?

Mr. Norgbey  reiterated that back in the constituency and even in Parliament MPs engage people to do some work for them, “if you go and engage someone without that qualification to write a statement for you what meaningful contribution or statement would you make on the floor of the House?”

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/