December 6, 2017

Member of Parliament for Wa West Joseph Yieleh Chireh has said he feels vindicated when he told his colleagues in the House, the President would not be able to sign into law early the rushed passed Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill.

Investigation and checks done by indicates that the passed Bill is yet to be forwarded to the Presidency for the President Nana Akufo-Addo to append his signature.

Chairman of the Constitutional Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee, Ben Abdala, indicated that the President is in a hurry to append his signature to the pass Bill into law.

According to the Wa West legislator whiles working on the passed Special Prosecutor Bill, motions were being moved and relocated any how most of the time confused everyone, whiles draft person were directed to work on clauses.

He advocated for a technology that will help parliament when considering a Bill and amendment are made, the following morning those amendments will be presented to the House.

And noted that the manual way currently makes the work tedious as draft persons and the clerks had to do a lot of work hence delaying Bills getting to the Presidency to be signed into law.

Mr. Joseph Yieleh Chireh noted that because the Majority leadership did not want the President to look bad MPs were made to stay late into the night, where MPs were tired and could not make meaningful input to the Bill.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/