August 26, 2015

Member of Parliament for Adentan, Emmanuel Ashie Moore is warning the National Democratic Congress could lose the seat if he is not retained as the party’s parliamentary candidate.

The governing party goes to the polls on November 7 to elect parliamentary candidates ahead of the 2016 election.

Adentan MP, Nii Ashie Moore is seeking reelection.

“If we change the candidate of Adentan today, what is the new candidate going to talk about in (terms of achievement),”? he quizzed

“In our party you get two-three people saying ‘contest because Ashie Moore hasn’t done anything.’

“But you also have to do a sober reflection on your candidature….You have to look at it and say ‘where are my strengths, where are my weaknesses’?

“Other than that I tell you, my brother, most of the incoming, they are going to waste their money.” The Adentan lawmaker told JOYNEWS.

“I have been there. I mean in 2011 primaries I went to some of the candidates’ homes and told them listen, you don’t stand any chance. I am begging you. Save the little that you have,” Mr Ashie Moore said, recounting his experience from the 2011 contest

“I am a member of parliament and so I can pay school fees for 1000 people every quarter.

“That is what I am getting. I have my allowances, I have my salary. I have my transport allowances. I have my sitting allowances. I have my per diems…..We need somebody who is really ready and I think I am the only one who is ready…The certificate of apprenticeship is ready and I will give it anybody who is ready to learn on the job.” The trained marketer added Adenta is one of the constituencies considered a swing seat. Both the NPP and NDC have held the seat since its creation in 2004.​

No MP has however managed to retain the seat.

Three key names have emerged ahead of the governing party’s primaries in November

Incumbent MP, Nii Ashie Moore will be seeking re-election after defeating former legislator for the area, Kojo Adu Asare at the NDC primaries three years ago.

He believes his track record since assuming office in 2012 will do the trick for him.

Mr Ashie Moore says Adentan’s perennial water problem is now a thing of the past due to his leadership.

Many homes now have water running through their taps after years of complaints from residents.

Another man hoping to represent the people of Adentan in 2016 on the NDC’s ticket is Mohammed Adamu Ramadan.

The management consultant is a presidential staffer at the flagstaff house. Mr Ramadan is from a political family as his father, Alhaji Ramadan is currently chairman of the PNC and his younger brother, Abu Ramadan the youth organizer of the same party.

Interestingly, his sister, Samira is also married to the NPP running mate, Dr Mahmudu Bawumia. Mr Ramadan, however says quote, “I will campaign on my own record in the party and as an individual.

I will not rely on my family’s political history’’ Unquote. He is campaigning on message of Unity and Progress.

The only woman whose name has emerged in the race so far is former MCE for Adentan, Kakra Vanlare.

Her disagreements with Mr Ashie Moore while in office are well documented. She is expected to campaign fiercely on her achievement during her 4 year tenure.