March 14, 2019
The Member of Parliament for Krachi East, Michael Gyato has described the theme for the 2019 Independence Day celebration “Celebrating Peace and Unity” as very appropriate for the occasion.

He stated that the objective was to deepen the sense of national unity and to portray the importance of peace in the Northern region which had been affected by a protracted chieftaincy dispute which has now been peacefully resolved under the presidency of Nana Akufo-Addo.

Mr Gyato who is a Deputy Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources said the celebration in Tamale has helped to improve tourism to the area and also improved greatly the sanitation in the city of Tamale.

Speaking on the floor in a contribution to statement marking the 62nd Independence Day celebration, the Member of Parliament urged the city authorities to continue to keep the city very clean at all times.

Christian Kpesese/