May 28, 2018

In his quest to change the attitude of Members of Parliament to be punctual to the chamber for proceedings to start on time, Governor Kwame Agbodza is advocating an installation of a biometric clocking device in Parliament.

He further noted that installation of the biometric device for MPs to clock in and clock out, so that it would help get the true picture of MPs who report on time.

When you look at the vote and proceedings of Parliament you see a number of people on it, you ask yourself, did the House have all these number of people, “I do not feel comfortable talking about this”, he said.

Again you are infuriated by the fact that you have to leave everything you want to do, you come to the chamber its empty, “we are a few people whose attendance is written into law, we start proceedings at 10:00am and close at 2:00pm”, he lamented.

According to the Adaklu legislator, if pilots, doctors, teachers and police do not turn up to work on time, how would running of the country be like?

Mr. Governor Kwame Agbodza pointed out that clerks and staff of Parliament run around to put things in place to ensure that everything is set for Parliament to start on time, you come early waiting in an empty chamber.

“When you talk about it, people say you are too known, you have said enough stop talking, how can I stop if I stop  it means I should join in not being punctual, we expect government to deliver on time but we do not come to work on time”, he lamented.

“If MPs do things on time they would take that same attitude back to their constituency, some MPs come and sit in their office, I am not saying MPs job is only on the floor of the chamber we do a lot of work outside the chamber.

And if we cannot come to the chamber to start work at 10am, let us change the law and start work in the chamber at 2:00pm but even with that some would come to the chamber late, some might turn up around 3:00pm”, he said.

By:  Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/