May 21, 2011

Government has denied claims that rights for gas importation into Ghana are exclusive to one company.

Pressure Group Alliance for Accountable Governance has blamed the acute shortage of gas in the country on government policy of sole sourcing.

Its General Secretary, Arnold Boateng, at a press conference on Wednesday claimed one company with close ties to government has been given the exclusive rights to import the product into the country and urged government to seek the greater good of the country than seek its selfish political and parochial interest.

“The issue of sole-sourcing is ridiculous. An open market is going to allow other companies to come in. Competition will bring efficiency. It is a common sense business term,” he said.

But the Deputy Energy Minister has dismissed the claims by AFAG.

Inusah Fuseini told Joy News’ Dzifah Bampoh that no one company has monopoly over the supply of gas into the country.

“Nobody is sole sourcing gas for this country” he said, adding that the supply of gas into Ghana is an “open competitive bid”.

He also dismissed allegations that an importer of gas into the country has close ties with government.

He said Fuel Trade which is the major supplier of gas into the country was incorporated under the erstwhile New Patriotic Party regime and has nothing to do with the ruling government.

Inusah Fuseini attributed the shortages to limited gas infrastructure but was quick to add that adequate measures are being put in place to ensure a lasting solution to the problem.

The General Secretary of AFAG, Arnold Boateng in reaction insisted government is sole sourcing but is now making frantic efforts to open up the market for other companies to be involved.

He said government has not been proactive but lazy in providing efficient solutions to the problem.