October 12, 2023

As the Ad Hoc Committee brought proceedings to an end taking evidence from witness, a member of the IGP’s legal team, Kofi Bentil has stated that the committee has now established that the tape was not doctored as it was earlier made to believe.

According to him the last in-camera hearing has also expressed confidence that the true facts of the case have been established.

Speaking to the media, spokesperson of the IGP’s legal team Kofi Bentil said the committee admitted that the tape that went viral was not edited but was simply a shorter version of the conversation that transpired.

And further added that witnesses were supposed to bring further evidence to support their information they have given to the Committee earlier as they came to change portions of their earlier statement but new evidence was not given.

“We, were thinking it was a bit strange because that procedure is not known to us; you should know your evidence before you start the process, if for months they have not been able to present any evidence, we do not know which evidence again JB and Alex would give.

And Bugri Nabu’s statement has been confirmed, the tape was rather a longer version of it, everything on the new tape is still on the old tape so yesterday they corrected.”

He asserted that this should not have taken our time, but the extent that it did reveals what the truth is.

“Some people are saying we are saying it’s the waste of the IGPs time; we have not said that we are saying when you have something said of a high profile person, it is high consideration to see if its necessary to subject them to certain scrutiny based on what some people have said”.

Again, pulling the IGP out of his busy duties was not the best but we respect the Committee so we came, but in future we should be minded of how we are happy the way things are turning out, and indeed there is nothing untoward, he added.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com