August 12, 2014

Mr Paul Evans Aidoo, Western Regional Minister says it is unfair for the society to perceive politicians as the only corrupt people in the country and urged the public to disabuse their minds of the erroneous impression.

Mr Aidoo said: “I can vouch that some of us, like all other professionals, are incorruptible and are working hard in our respective fields of endeavour.”

The Minister was speaking at the 13th Biennial Conference of the National delegates Conference of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary of the Anglican Church at Essipong in the Western Region.

The conference was on the theme: “The Call for Fight against Corruption in the Society; the Church’s Role.”

Mr Aidoo said bribery and corruption are increasing becoming the order of the day due to bad morals and breakdown of societal values adding, that virtues and values that were cherished in the past are now frowned upon.

He said virtues such as hard work. Godliness, patriotism, obedience, among others, have now given way to get-rich-quick attitude and greed to amass wealth at all cost.

Mr Aidoo said it is regrettable that some people go to Church on Sundays but do not practice what is preached.

“Indeed, people who indulge in crime and other social vices are the same people who claim to be staunch Christians,” he said.

Right Reverend Dr Atta Boffoe, Anglican Bishop of Cape Coast, who spoke on the theme of the conference, said corruption is equal to exploitation, dishonesty, bribery and fraud which is the bane to the growth of the society.

He said Ghana ranked third in a 2013 Gallup Report on corruption in 129 countries that have free ports.

Ghana scored 89 per cent against Czech Republic and Lithuania.

Right Rev Boffoe said when a country embarks on corrupt practices it derail the wheels of development and called for a radical but systematic policy to punish those who engage in bribery and corruption.