June 6, 2013

As youth unemployment remain teething problem to government as a result of high number of graduates that are churned out each year from the various educational institutions, alternative measures are being adopted to mitigate the situation.

While it is becoming increasingly difficult for most graduates to get employment at the formal sector, the informal sector on the other hand appears to offer some windows of opportunity and is worth taking advantage of.

In view of this, the Member of Parliament Asamoah Ofosu, has taken advantage of some of these opportunities in the informal sector to assist the youth in his constituency to earn livelihoods.

One of the measures was the provision of taxis for some youth who are qualified drivers on work and pay terms for two years at reasonable prices. Already, three people have benefited from the initiative and he hopes to extend it benefit more people who might show interest.

Mr. Ofosu also supported about 10 second hand cloth dealers from his constituency whose wears were burnt in the inferno at the Katamanto Market in Accra with capital. He noted that these people must be supported to get back on their feet with their business to be able to support their families.

Dominic Shirimori/Ghanamps.gov.gh