September 5, 2023

Member of Parliament for Karaga Constituency Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam in the Northern Region, in a bid to improve the lives of his constituents, will in the coming week, launch a transformative water project dubbed: “Operation 100 Mechanised Boreholes”.

The initiative by Dr. Adam, who is also Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance, is aimed at alleviating water scarcity and providing accessible potable water sources for the people in an area.

According to the Karaga District Health Directorate, the area continued to record stomach-related ailments as among the top three prevalent diseases in recent years.

Dr. Adam, having already achieved nearly 100 per cent electricity coverage in the constituency, during a visit to the constituency, said he had successfully fulfilled one of his key targets as a representative of the people.

He said as he approached the end of his first term, he would now turn his attention to provision of potable water, which remained a challenge despite the drilling over 80 boreholes in two and a half years in the area.

Some of his constituents said the project was not only an ambitious endeavour but also a reflection of Dr. Adam’s hands-on approach to governance and his commitment to their well-being.

Others said the launch of Operation 100 Mechanised Boreholes would mark a pivotal moment in the Karaga Constituency’s journey towards improved living standards, adding they anticipated the positive impact that increased water accessibility would bring to them.