Dr.  Nana Ayew Afriye
November 10, 2022

The Member of Parliament for effiduase- Asokore,  Nana Ayew Afriye speaking on behalf of the Majority Caucus said they remain resolute for the Finance Minister to be relieved of his position as stated earlier.

He said even though they have initially agreed to heed the president’s suggestions to allow the Finance Minister present the budget, recent comments by the Finance Minister has given them reason to reverse back to their initial position.

That is to say the finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta must not be the one to present the budget, and must not be the one to present the appropriation.

This, he said would very soon be their position. “We are going to be positively defiant on that posture until that action is taken”.

The Majority however made it clear that they would not support the Minority in their vote of censure in the chamber.

Mr. Afriyie indicated that the course of the NDC is premised on falsehood, propaganda and reasons that are not justifiable.

According to him, the Minority’s position might look like theirs but it is not the same.

He asserts that they (Minority) cannot come to the chamber to level claims that border on criminality over a person that would not be able to come to the chamber to defend himself.

He said they don’t have any personal issues with the finance minister, but their confidence in him has dwindled and he must go and that is the general feeling.