July 6, 2011

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin North, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyepong, has observed that there are three institutions in this country, which failed us. He named them as politicians, Churches and the media.

According to him, these three institutions have one thing in common, and that is cheapness, which he termed the three “cs” cheap politics, cheap preaching and cheap journalism. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong made this known in an interview with The Nationalist newspaper last week.

He contended that politicians, in their bid to win votes, sway the minds of the people, especially, the youth, and tell them lies. Also they lie to the people through propaganda, instead of urging the people especially the youth to take their destiny into their own hands. This, he noted, is hampering development in the country.

On the church, the out-spoken MP pointed out that pastors, in their attempt to draw their congregants closer to God, manipulate them, especially women. He stated that pastors preach as if nobody has to work, and their congregants use productive man-hours praying at the expense of development.’

He indicated that these same pastors, who engage their congregants to spend man-hours praying expect collection and tithes from them. They attribute every failure to the devil, stressing that sometimes wise people, are being made to reason as animals. However, God created man superior to animals and other creatures.

The MP pointed out that pastors were amassing wealth and siphoning money from members. Some of them were even cleansing women deep in the night. When I once criticized pastors on Peace FM, people were at my throat, calling me all sorts of name, Kennedy noted. However, a few days after this, a pastor in Tema set an old lady, who had gone astray on fire.

Touching on the media, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong pointed out that if there should be war in this country, it will come from the media.

According to him , the media in an attempt to sell their papers twist and fabricate stories to destroy the good people in the country. In their bid to sing the political song of a Party, they embark on propaganda and twist the truth.

He accused the media of not exposing pastors who are siphoning the people. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong urged the media to tell the truth and propagate positive things in the society.

In his view, through the work of the media, successful men in the country had been associated with drug dealing. He noted that by this, people were criminalizing success and glorifying poverty. He stated that for the country to move ahead, all the negative “CS”- Cheap politics, Cheap preaching, Cheap Journalism must be stopped.

Source: The Nationalist