June 8, 2015

Farmers in the Keta Municipality (Keta Constituency) have been provided with an opportunity to access tractor services at a subsidized rate.

The Member of Parliament for Keta, Hon. Richard Quashigah made this possible by procuring a tractor that will be made available to the farmers at a reduced cost compared to other outlets.

According to him, accessing the service of the tractor at a reduced price will minimize their cost of production and increase their profit margins to enable them meet their needs. He also believes that the gesture will enable farmers to increase their land side for production.

He said he was motivated by the desire to help alleviate poverty in the area by ensuring that people get better returns from their economic activities.

“This was what informed my decision to distribute outboard motors to fishermen sometime ago as well as knap sack sprayers to farmers”, he stated.

Hon. Quashigah noted that since fishing and farming are the main economic activities in the area, it is his hope to get additional supports for people engaged in these sectors.

Communities like Abor, Tsiame, Aborlove/Nlorfui, Atiavi, Hatorgodo are noted for farming in the municipality and are to be main beneficiaries of the subsidized tractor services.