June 25, 2013

Following the warning to the media by the Supreme Court, the Member of Parliament for Keta, Richard Quashigah has lashed out at the Media Commission and the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) for failing to regulate the work of the media.

According to him, the laxity in the monitoring mechanism by the two media institutions has resulted in the media sometimes lowering the standards of the profession and not complying with the ethics.

President of the 9-member Supreme Court panel hearing the Presidential Election Petition on Tuesday in wrapping up proceedings gave a stern warning to the media that the court would not hesitate to crack the whip on naughty journalists and others found guilty of misreporting proceedings in the court.

Justice Atuguba insists the court will no longer tolerate such behaviors, adding “any person be it in the media or not who crosses the final touchline of proper coverage reportage will be met with the appropriate response”.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana Show, Hon. Richard Quashigah who himself is a Journalist by profession, frowned upon some of the skewed reportage on the ongoing election petition case by a segment of the media.

He noted that media practitioners must ensure that ethics of the profession especially relating to court reporting is upheld at all times.

Hon. Richard Quashigah charged the Media Commission and the Ghana Journalist Association to step up their game especially the monitoring aspect and further name and shame errant journalists if that would get them to do the right thing.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh