June 7, 2012

The Member of Parliament for Kintampo North, Honourable Stephen Kunsu has presented a standing hair dryer to Miss Abena Akosanga, 22, a deaf and dumb lady.

The young lady who completed her apprenticeship about four years ago has been able to establish her own shop. She is currently training two (2) other girls in hairdressing at kyermankoma, Kintampo.

According to her mother, Apenu Akonsaga, she worked for a year to put up her own shop after completing her apprenticeship. She said Abena does signs to communicate with her apprentices. In an interview with one of her apprentices, she noted that their madam always had time to train them to work.

It was discovered that the disabled lady was one of the admired hairdressers in town because of how talented she was.

At a short ceremony to present the item to Miss Akosanga, Hon. Kunsu said he was highly impressed that the lady has not made her disability to cause her inability but had rather been a useful individual to the society.

He promised her that he will take it upon himself to extend electricity to the shop for her to work more perfectly and to serve the people better. The mother, on behalf her daughter, thanked the M P for his kind gesture and noted that she will personally ensure that the equipment was used for its purpose.