January 3, 2014

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim in the Western Region, Joe Baidoe-Ansah, has chastised President John Mahama for showing willingness to appraise the performance of his ministers which according to him cannot be based on any measurable indicators.

“This is a complete false hope because how can the President set questions and answer them himself,” he said stressing that the President should have allowed members of the public to ‘mark’ the Ministers according to their performances during the year under review.

“It is the people who could accurately and appropriately indicate which minister had acquitted himself or herself well during his or her first year in office,” he said adding at least public input should have been sought in determining which minister did very well and which minister did poorly in office in 2013.

“This whole performance appraisal is another propaganda gimmick just to tell the public that he is serious about fixing the numerous socio-economic problems facing the nation.”

On the performance of the government as a whole in the past year, the Kwesimintsim MP who was a Minister under former President Kufuor said President Mahama’s first year in office “has been the worst under any government in the Fourth Republic.”

He expressed the hope that the President would get things right in 2004.

“Let’s hope that things change for better in 2014 because 2013 had been a terrible year for all Ghanaians in all spheres of life,” he said charging the President to put his acts together properly and change things for the better.

“I want to wish President Mahama all the best in 2014 and better approach of managing the country to help improve the lots of Ghanaians especially when new utility tariff rates have been announced for the New Year,” he said.

Source: Daily Guide