April 20, 2016

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bosomtwe Simon Osei Mensah has blamed the unimpressive patronage of the Bosomtwe Lake in the Ashanti Region to lack of commitment from government to invest into the infrastructure in the area.

The Bosomtwe Lake is touted one of the biggest lakes in Africa and a prominent tourist site in the Ashanti region.

However, patronage of the site has been abysmal as the recreational potential of the lake has not been harnessed and developed to accord it relevance in tourism.

Link roads to the site and its environs have also been in a deplorable state.

The MP laments that numerous assurances of government to invest into the potential of this natural asset has not been forth coming.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he expressed fear that businesses along the lake might be forced to fold up if the state of the lake remains unattended to.

‘Lake Bosomtwe, that area can never develop until we have all year round access road around the lake, ..you cannot even walk around the lake, there are some areas, the gullies are so deep you won’t even dare go inside, investors will not come until we get roads, the private sector would like the government to lay the basic infrastructure for them to take off.

Businesses will not come and say they are going to construct roads before they put up their industries or hotels, they will always go to areas where they have basic infrastructure, there are some few hotels established around the lake, they are operating far below capacity, simple receptive center they don’t have,’ he stated.

Osei Mensah reiterates that the tourism sector in Ghana will remain in a sorry state if the country fails to link its development to all other peripheral sectors and relevant ministries at the policy level.