June 3, 2013

The Member ofa constituency, Mr. Abu Samson has expressed worrying concerns on the future of the Self Help Electrification Project brought forward by government to assist augment the efforts in energy delivery in the system.

He indicated that the programme appeared gloomy as it is seemingly taking a nose dive because there was over concentration on the China Water Electrification Project (CWE) to the disadvantaged of the SHEP programme.

Highlighting this problem in an interview with Ghanamps.gov.gh, Mr Abu Samson noted that communities that were hooked up onto the SHEP programme, for instance in his area were still not connected to the national grid.

He said the communities scheduled under the former are practically frustrated as no better efforts have been made to expand power to serve their environs, whiles those captured under the China Water Electrification have been connected.

The MP mentioned that the CWE is by far taking over SHEP, which was even introduced long before CWE was contracted to be implemented by the Chinese developers.
He said whiles at the assembly playing his role as the DCE, he realized the extent of the imbalances created as a result of the introduction of this programme and attempted to make moves towards establishing equity in energy delivery at the district.

To this end, he said he pleaded with the Ministry of Energy to allow them incorporate some of the communities under SHEP onto CWE, but was quick to add that this never yielded any results.

He therefore called on government to endeavour to adopt some mechanisms to rectify the situation or make provisions for resources to power the SHEP programme as it had been completely abandoned.

Jonathan Jeffrey Adjei/Ghanamps.gov.gh