January 22, 2018

Member of Parliament (MP) for Banda, Ahmed Ibrahim has called for constitutional amendment to ensure that Speakers are sworn in as acting President once, in the life span of a Parliament.

According to the first Deputy Minority whip by 2020, Ghana should have a constitutional reform where all speakers can be sworn in once, any time there is the absence of the President and his Vice in the country, there wouldn’t be the need to swear in the Speaker again until the life span of the Parliament ends.

He noted that the emergency recall on Sunday to swear in the Speaker as acting President was cost to the state and lamented over how most MPs had to travel all the way from their constituency to Accra.

First Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei Owusu on Sunday 21st January 2018, under order 42(3) summoned the House to sit in accordance with Article 60 (11) “where the President and the Vice-President are both unable to perform the function of the President, the Speaker of Parliament shall perform those function until the President or Vice-President assumes office, as the case may be”.