November 29, 2018
Speaker of Parliament Professor Aaron Mike Oquaye has assured persons with disability that Parliament is very much concerned with their plight and would look into the Disability Act 2006 to make it more achievable.

According to the Speaker, Parliament as an institution has a duty to look into matters affecting persons with disability as part of its steps to tackle issues affecting them and the leadership of the House had agreed that the new Parliament to be built would be friendly to persons with disability.

The Speakers who was addressing the Speakers’ breakfast meeting further added that this would enable persons with disability to be able to access the chamber. “Parliament has also included sign language in its effort to help people with hearing disability be involved with proceedings in the chamber”.

Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye indicated to persons with disability that they have been invited for a good reason; “Making the law is one thing, what are the gaps, what are the issues inherent in their implementation thereof”.

The Executive arm of government, Parliament and relevant bodies and persons must be advised from time to time to see if it is really fulfilling the intentions for the law that was enacted.

“To be a person with disability is nothing strange at all, we are told statically speaking 15 percent of the world’s populations are person with disability. But, it is how far it is allowed to go unchecked, you never know tomorrow”, the Speaker noted.

He further added that, there should be a close look at a framework for the inclusion of the disabled for the United Nations Convention of the Right of persons with disability (UNCRPD) and look at what is happening.

Persons who came for their service in Parliament, the institution has decided to recruit her on a temporally bases, “I love for us to open our does to others to get an understanding what they feel to shape policy”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/