April 12, 2021

Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Junior believes harmonization of electoral laws, and tenure of office for presidents is the way to go in the West African sub-region.

According to him, the current situation where some countries are running 4-years, 5-years, and 6-years tenure makes it difficult for the smooth running of community affairs, hence the need to harmonize and make ECOWAS vibrant.

“ Don’t forget that we are changing now from the Economic  Community to the Community of peoples, so there are a lot of things that need to be harmonized so that we can have a vibrant and realistic  ECOWAS as a Community”, he pointed out.

And stated during an interview that his expectations of the kind of sub-region he envisages are high.

Touching on the issue of mobile data, he lamented that ECOWAS citizens are paying roaming charges on telephone network. “You leave Liberia to Sierra Leone, using your Liberia number you pay a lot of money for data used when you maintain your Liberia number, but you have same companies Orange and MTN right in Sierra Leone”.

And emphasised the need to have a harmonized telecommunications in the West African sub-region, as the Community citizens’ moves around freely.

He underscored the need for the Community citizens again, to move freely with their brown car instead of using their passports, “we need to do that and have a monetary policy where we are talking about a single currency for the sub-region”.