January 22, 2018

The honorable Member of Parliament (MP) for Dormaa East, Ali Maiga Halidu has stated that the life of all Parliamentarians are at risk since the nation has so far failed to get fair trial for the murderers of late MP for Akuakwa North.

The MP has therefore appealed to the Speaker of Parliament to intervene in the trial case of the killers of the late Joseph BoakyeDanquah to ensure justice.

According to him MPs are rendering very valuable service to the state and must therefore be given adequate protection at all times.

He noted that the security situation of Ghanaian MPs compared to their counterparts in other jurisdictions is not the best hence the need for an urgent attention.

According to him, the failure of a fair trial for the late Abuakwa North lawmaker will further put the life of all current MPs at risk.

He wondered why the state is struggling to get fair trial especially the difficulty to get an autopsy report for a whole MP who was murdered in cold blood.

The Dormaa East lawmaker feared ordinary citizens who suffered same might suffer worse trials in their favour.

M rHalidu who expressed these sentiments on GTV’s Breakfast show, last Friday called on the Speaker to intervene whiles urging the State to show more commitment to the JB murder case and ensure adequate security of Parliamentarians.

The court has ordered the pathologist in the JB murder case to produce the pathologist report by February, 8, 2018.

By Christian Kpesese/ ghanamps.com.