November 30, 2023

Minority Leader Dr. Ato Cessile Baah Forson has accused the Majority in Parliament of not having the numbers to approve their own budget on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, despite the fact that the Minority NDC were ready to vote against the budget for good reasons.

According to him they had early during the conclusion of the budget remarks given reasons why they cannot allow the budget to go through with its current state because the ordinary Ghanaian would be the one who would suffer.
He affirmed that the only reason for the Majority NPP shamefully staging a walk out was because they sensed the danger of defeat knowing too well that a number of their members including the deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs who was not in town, John Kumah, and Ken Agyepong were all not around.

The speaker has adjourned the house, we would not stop there, and we would do whatever we have to do, so that our motion is still in place. We are challenging the voice vote, the Speaker has ruled and the NPP is aware, he stated at the media briefing.

“When a Speaker makes a ruling, they can challenge that through substantive motion and order 98 is very clear on the matter. As we speak, “the budget has not been approved. Let everyone be aware and let the NPP MPs get it that they have lost it; they have lost the mandate to do business in this House”.

If they have the men, they should come and let us vote. You can challenge the Speaker’s ruling under order 98, it is head count and that is what we should go for, no one can challenge the Speakers ruling, the Minority Leader stated.
“As it stands now the budget has not been approved, we have worn the day and we would win tomorrow.”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/