May 10, 2018

Phase one of the Mallam drainage works under the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Sanitation and Water project has progressed very well within the 10 days of working.

In an interview with, Emmanuel Eklu of the Ghana Highways Authority material division noted that work had progressed very well and confident the phase one is on course for completion within the expected 13 days.

He further added that what is left is to back fill the culvert that had been laid to the road level and move to the second phase over the weekend, when the site was visited on Wednesday.

At the drainage site, everybody was observing safety measure by putting on their reflective cloths, gloves and shoes.

Mr. Emmanuel Eklu revealed that World Bank is very strict on safety measures being taken on its funded projects and would stop any project being undertaken if safety is not being religiously obeyed.

He observed that some previous projects were stopped because of failure to observe safety measures, but now we are abiding by “safety measures strictly”, and World Bank will send people round to observe “if we are following safety rules”, he said.

As to whether traders and hackers along the stretch of the drainage had posse any change, Emmanuel Eklu said no and they are aware of the benefit they will have with the completion of project that will end the perennial flooding.

“Phase one has not had any disturbance by way of heavy rains setting in to disturb the project, we have had occasional light rains but that has not been anyway a problem to progress of the project” he said.

The project Manager Mr. Sun a Chains   in an interview indicated that by Saturday they would be moving onto the second phase of the project by cutting into the main road of the Mallam junction to excavate into  the road.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/