September 19, 2019

Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has said he would inculcate into Ghanaian Youth anti-corruption tendencies and integrity, if he does not leave the Office of the Special Prosecutor soon.

According to the SP, he does not intend to resign from his office despite the criticism he has come under in recent times on his performance, unless the Supreme Court decides so.

He further pointed out that he did not become an anti-corruption crusader all of a sudden, he had been through the mill, his father who had served in the Gold Coast army inculcated in him not to take what is not his.

Mr. Amidu made this remarks at the end of a two day conference of Auditors on the theme: “Protecting National Resources: The role of oversight bodies”.

He emphasized that, “For me to  prevent corruption and lower  the incidents of corruption, my duty would have been done, our preventive department when it comes on stream is going to have as its objective spreading anti-corruption in elementary schools, senior high schools (SSS) and engage tertiary students”.

When asked what can be done to make the office of the SP effective, he responded by saying that as citizens, Ghanaians are enjoined under Article 41 (f) of the 1992 constitution to ensure that the national assert is protected.

Whiles Article 3 talks about defending the constitution; he urged Auditors and Internal Auditors to assist the Police, Office of the Special Prosecutor and the Commission of Human Right and Administrative Justice by speaking up.

He however lamented over how Ghanaian are divided over every issue on political lines including politicization of crime.

“We have to depoliticize crime and see crime as crime not withstanding who is involved or whose ox is gored, the law enforcement should perform their duties, civil societies, Ghanaians should always speak up”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/