May 17, 2022

The second rapporteur to the Public Accounts Committee of the Community Parliament, Clarence Kortu Momolu Massaquoi has attributed most conflicts in the West African Sub-region to mismanagement of the peoples’ resources.

According to him if resources are managed and accounted for properly, it would prevent the subsequent occurrence of instability witnessed within the Sub-region.

“Most of the coups and overthrow of civilian governments have been attributed to mismanagement of resources; I am very convinced that if this aspect of our governance structure is addressed, then we can directly prevent some of the conflict situations”.

He said this in an interview in Lome-Togo at the on-going joint Committee meeting of the ECOWAS Parliament to peruse mechanisms for review Community Audit Reports.

In an interview with, he thanked the current Speaker Dr. Sidie Mohammed Tunis for ensuring the Public Account Committee was established to bring issues of audit to the front burner so that it is seen as priority and not seen as less priority.

Again,  “peace missions, it is not just enough to say the funds have been released and projects have been done,  it’s not just spending the money, but is the money able to achieve its objectives; was it spent correctly, were the rules followed?”

And hopes that the Community Parliament would devote some time to the work of the PAC, so that  the community citizens themselves would see this as an important initiative undertaken and join the parliament to call on their members of delegation from the various local parliaments to pay their  attention to the management of “our resources that is the rightful management of our resources”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/