Ahmed Ibrahim
August 13, 2021

First Deputy Minority whip, Ahmed Ibrahim has said he is worried about a current development crippling into the Ghanaian democratic system if not checked would not be in the interest of the nation.

According to him it’s not only Members of Parliament who are working to catch the eye of the president for position in the Executive arm of government but media practitioners are also working to catch the eye of the president.

“As a continent we can’t proceed on this path and expect the best for our continent; when you win as a president all the other parties are minorities, they have to be a watch dog on you, who have been given the resources of the state and that is how the electorate can put us on our toes”.

Again, if we are not able to nature our media very well, we may not be able to grow the Ghanaian political system very well, that would bring the best for the country. He lamented that “the fourth estate of the realm, the media now the Executive arm of government is inviting media and that is what we as African leaders must guide against”.

He made this remarks on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 when a delegation from the Ethiopian Parliament called on the Rt. Hon Speaker Alban Sumana Bagbin to learn from the Ghanaian experience.

“Big men of the various media houses are being given board member positions, once that happens, every media person wants to be noticed by the Executive to be given a board membership position. And when that happens who would be informing the electorates?”.

In addition, he pointed out that when Ghana has a misinformed electorate, the future of the country’s democracy is in danger.

“I am describing the media as hybrid because when the Ad Hoc Committee tasked to investigate the health minister presented its report last week, a media person who has been given position on a board is marking the health minister 7/10 for the refund of the money”.

“What of the minority that caused the investigation to be conducted and committee set up, all because the minister is championing the refund of the money, we need a media that is free, fair and transparent working in the interest of the country without fear or favour?”

Again, as a parliament, we can do the best for the country to work in our national interest, not that I am in opposition every time I do everything working to sabotage government’s work, but working to ensure that I am the best alternative, he told the visiting delegation.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com