June 23, 2011

The campaign coordinator for the Nana Konadu for 2012 campaign team, Michael Teye-Nyaunu, has strongly condemned President Mills for declaring himself the winner of the upcoming flagbearership contest of the NDC for the election 2012.

With less than fifteen days to go for the flagbearership contest, President Mills on Wednesday June 22 told Municipal, Metropolitan and District Chiefs Executives at a conference that he has already won the contest and urged them not to worry.

Hon Teye-Nyaunu in an interview with Citi News described the president’s comment as premature and unfortunate.

According to him, none of the candidates can claim to have won even before the contest takes place in Sunyani from July 8-10.

The Lower Manya MP reiterated his earlier claim that President Mills is being misled by those around him as well as his supporters and advised him to brace himself for a drubbing in the Sunyani contest.

“I wonder how he (President Mills)could say that (he had already won). You see, this is why I say that the people around him are not telling the man the truth. He is talking based on the report that they brought to him and I pity him because nobody goes into a fight thinking he is going to lose but in this case he has already lost and for him to come out with that statement, it is premature. Because the responses we are receiving do not tell us that he has won or it is a done deal.

“They (Mills campaign team) have done enough by influencing delegates with money and motorbikes and adopting tactics that are unfair but all these things notwithstanding Nana Konadu is going to win and I think that is it premature for him to declare that he has won”

Meanwhile, Nana Konadu is touring parts of the Eastern Region to campaign ahead of the July congress. Hon Teye-Nyaunu said the response from the delegates indicates President Mills will be given a serious run for his money.

By: Citifmonline.com