August 24, 2011

The Member of Parliament for the Asokwa constituency, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has described President Mills’ first term in office as a waste of time since he has failed to make any remarkable impact on the lives of Ghanaians since coming into office.

According to him, at the current rate of developing the country, President Mills will need “16 years to accomplish what President Kufuor started.”

Speaking on Multi TV, the Asokwa MP explained that the Mills administration has so far failed to achieve its better Ghana agenda because the administration lacks the high caliber of Ministers the Kufuor administration had in its cabinet and accused the Mills administration of neglecting the good works started by his predecessor, John Kufuor.

But, a member of the National Democratic Congress’ Communications Team, Fred Agbenyo rebuffed the MP’s assertion that the NDC has failed to deliver on its better Ghana promise. He cited several instances of unfulfilled promises by the opposition New Patriotic Party when they were in government.

According to him, the NPP was also unable to fulfill most of its campaign promises including abandoning projects started by the previous NDC administration.

He said the NPP used their eight years in office to “enrich themselves, friends and cronies”. His comment provoked Mr. Jumah who walked off the set during the live show to go bring documents including the NDC’s 2008 manifesto to buttress his point.

Source: Multi TV