February 10, 2015

The harsh economic conditions in the country may not be felt by those in the corridors of power as compelling evidence has revealed how President Mahama’s Ministers are feeding fat on the country’s limited resources.

The right hand men and women of the country’s number one public servant, monthly basis take home a cool GHC 22,500 according to authentic sources in government.

They are not alone in this category as Members of Parliament (MPs) also take home GHC 7,200 every month, in addition to envious allowances.

Duty and Special allowance

The basic salary of Minister, The Chronicle learnt is GHC 10,000 – but some other allowances ranging from duty to wardrobe allowances add up to make it GHC 22,000.

A Minister, according to our source, earns a monthly Duty Allowance of GHC 5,000 and a Special Allowance of GHC 3,000 representing 50% and 30% of the basic salary.

Entertainment and wardrobe allowance

What is more surprising among the various allowances received by a Minister was that of Entertainment and Wardrobe allowance.

According to our source, a Minister receives GHC 3,500 a month presenting 35% of his or her basic salary, a figure far above the monthly salary of a senior civil servant.

That notwithstanding, a Minister receives a monthly Wardrobe allowance of GHC 1,000 being 10% of the basic salary.

Other benefits include: 45 gallons of fuel a wee, fully furnished accommodation, a 4×4 cross country Land Cruiser, a luxury saloon car, a cook, a gardner, a security guard and a Police escort.

Interestingly, apart from the above mentioned goodies, a Minister also receives a whopping amount of GHC400, 000 as End of Service Benefit (ESB), popularly known as ex-gratia.

In recent times, the wages of Members of Parliament has increased from GHC 3,000 to GHC 7,200.

The addition follows recommendation by the Professor Ewurama Addy Commission, established by the late President John Evans Atta Mills in 2009.

It took retrospective effect from January 2009 when the late President first assumed office.

Minister’s salary

Basic salary: GHC 10,000

Duty allowance: 50% of basic salary = GHC 5,000

Special allowance: 30% of basic salary = GHC 3,000

Entertainment allowance – 35% of basic salary = GHC 3,500

Wardrobe allowance – 10% of basic salary = GHC 1,000

Grand total = GHC 22,500

Source: The Chronicle