December 16, 2013

All sector Ministers have presented their performance reports to the Presidency for appraisal, Mr Ibrahaim Mutarla Mohammed, a Deputy Minister for Information and Media Relations, said on Monday.

He said the appraisal from the Presidency would indicate whether the Ministers had met their performance targets or otherwise.

Mr Mohammed announced this during the daily media briefings at the Flagstaff House, Kanda.

Early this year, all sector Ministers signed performance agreements with the President by presenting their targets with the approval of President John Dramani Mahama and Vice President Paa Kwesi Bekoe Ammissah- Arthur.

Under the agreements, Ministers\’ continuous stay in office would depend on their performance and delivery to meet the development agenda of the government and their initiatives that could enhance accelerated growth and development.

The presentation of the reports would therefore afford the government the opportunity to determine the performance of all the Ministers and to provide corrective measures to where they fall short.

The Deputy Minister said their projections that reflected in the 2013 national budget would be the benchmark for assessing the achievements and failures of various ministries.

On rewards and sanctions, Mr Mohammed said as a democratic government they would continue to share responsibilities and failures and it was only the presidency that had the mandate to issue out any reward or punishment.

The Deputy Minister said the appraisal formed part of President Mahama\’s resolve to ensure transparency in governance and the government would continue to pursue similar policies that would ensure accountability and progress.