June 12, 2013

Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo has said the Minority in Parliament should be blamed, in part, for the recent absenteeism of members in the House.

Many of the Members of Parliament (MPs) have – over the last few days – failed to turn up for sitting, prompting the House to adjourn early.

The MPs were recalled to consider among others, the controversial CI to create 45 new constituencies.

Mr Pelpuo told Joy News though the absenteeism cuts across both sides, members on the Minority are the chief culprits.

“…The Minority consistently are depleting in their numbers because they are more absent than the others…” he said.

Mr Pelpuo was however hopeful that with time most of the MPs will “come to Parliament.”

“Indeed it is worrying and we [MPs] need to reflect our determination to serve our nation and serve our people and do self-sacrifice.”