July 13, 2020
 Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu has cautioned the Military and the Police to stop intimidating and asking people in the Volta Region undergoing the registration exercise for voters ID if they are Ghanaians.

According to him if the security have any issue with any ones citizenship they should follow the due process as stipulated by law as the Minority have received complains of intimidation and harassment across the country.

“Our caution to the Ghana Police and Ghana Armed Forces is that they should stay neutral as a state institution and rather work to secure the peace and stability of the country and not be a political appendage of the ruling government”.

Mr. Iddrisu again emphasised that the calling of the police and army do not have any authority under the laws of Ghana to ask any person of his or her citizenship.   “We would not sit aloof for them to continue to intimidate our party supporters and innocent Ghanaians to aid government at its voter suppression, their role is defined by law”.

He indicated that there had been instance that a colleague of theirs was brutalized, harassed and abused by the security, up until now there has not been any arrest.

On the issue of the EC registering students, he advised that the Electoral Commission works hand in hand with the EC for the purpose of transparency and accountability.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com