February 3, 2017
Minority leader and Member of Parliament for Tamale South Mr. Haruna Iddrisu has slammed the Northern Regional Police Command for failing to protect public service professionals caught in the midst of growing number of violent attacks on government agencies by vindictive political rivals.

He was responding to a violent attack on three state institutions in Tamale on Friday where four national service personnel were severally injured.

The NPP Kandahar Boys rampaged at the Tamale Metropolitan offices of National Health Insurance Authority and Youth Employment Agency and violently subjected workers and clients to a lockout.

Onlookers and fleeing workers who attempted to film the vandalism were attacked and their gadgets crushed.

A spokesman for the Health Insurance Scheme, Abdul Nasir was slapped while answering a query by the armed group.

They replicated same mayhem on the Youth Employment Agency offices in the Sagnarigu district changing locks and writing cold threats with charcoal on walls of the buildings.

It is the third successful attack on the agencies and public servants in the regional capital since the NPP came to power and police are still struggling to arrest the attackers despite several testimonies of victims about knowing them.

Hon. Haruna Iddrisu castigating the police inactions and lackadaisical approach to the rising insecurity fired a warning to the ruling party to have a second guess that they had monopoly over violence, and wants leadership to call their “masquerading youth to order”

“Essentially one is alarmed at the breakdown of law and order and the inability of the police in particular to protect lives and property, that certainly is very disappointing and we don’t take kindly to this development; while the NPP may have the right to rule, they have no right to disrespect the right of the people and they have no right to infringe upon workers right”

The Minority leader also implored the police to ensure the facilities were opened and operational by Monday and providing enough security to protect lives and properties of state workers and clients.

“My first call is onto the police service that they have a deputy to protect every Ghanaian citizen and every Ghanaian worker, the second call is on the New Patriotic Party leadership, President Akuffo Addo that we want to see end to the continued intimidation, molestation and harassment of our party following, that they are not taking power through a military coup d tat, this is a process that have been democratically determined we recognized their right to rule but we will not recognize their right to continue to harass and intimidate our party following”

Scores including emergency patients may be denied access to health service early tomorrow because significant number of clients turned away by the Friday’s attack came to reactivate the insurance service and would be forced to patronize the awakening ‘cash and carry’ service, metro manager of the scheme, Abdul Mohammed Salam told Kasapa News.