August 31, 2013

Deputy Majority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament, Alfred Agbesi, says the minority in the Chamber must render an apology to President John Mahama for disrespecting his administration for the past eight months during the election petition case.

The Minority boycotted President Mahama’s inauguration and State of the nation address in protest to what it described as a rigged 2012 elections.

They also boycotted the vetting of the president’s nominees for various ministerial portfolios at the Appointments Committee hearing.

They resolved not to participate in, or recognise any national event of which the president was involved until the Supreme Court had come out with its verdict.

The only exception was the reading of the 2013 budget.

Now that Ghana’s Supreme Court has upheld Mr. Mahama’s presidency as “valid”, Alfred Agbesi told XYZ News in an interview that the Minority must say “sorry” to the president for disregarding his authority for the past eight months.

“I believe that the honest thing is to say Mr. President we are sorry”.

According to him, the Minority must apologise because they were not justified in not recognising the president’s authority during the election petition hearing.