March 19, 2019
Minister of Energy John-Peter Amewu has assured Ghanaians of an effective power supply and management taking into consideration what power does in the country.

According to the sector Minister the prolong outages that affected business and leading to lose of life and collapse of businesses is gone.

He further pointed out that the gloomy picture of the power sector being painted by the Minority is a clear indication of their intention to create chaos, frustration and anarchy.

“They want to trigger some sort of uprising within the power consuming public, I can assure you that when we took over this administration of this country as a government a lot of things had changed”

Again, we have been able to renegotiate some of the bad power agreement that were signed by the previous administration, in the power sector, they signed something we call take or pay.

“Whether you consume power or not you have to pay, today we are paying twenty five million United States dollars every month, because of the take or pay, for ten months, it is two hundred and fifty million dollars and twenty month is five hundred million dollars”

He made these revelations in an interview with journalists after he briefed Members of Parliament on the current power outages that the country is experiencing.

“If John Jinapor says there is a debt, it is because of the debt they have created and because of the reckless nature of the Private Partnership Agreement (PPA), John Mahama administration which he (John Abdulai Jinapor) was then a Minister of power had left for us to resolve”.

Again we are engaging the power generators to let them understand that we need to negotiate on some of these rates they have signed, at very excessive rates without any negotiation, they refuse to take into consideration the poor Ghanaian tax payers need.

“High tariffs were set because of private political pockets, because people did not take into consideration what the consumer needs today. We are trying to bring down those arrangements and we have agreed that going forward we need to sign power purchase agreement that are base on take and pay”.

Mr. John Peter Amewu emphasised that it is a fact, that is what everybody must know that you only pay for a commodity that you are ready to consume, why would you be paying for a commodity that you have not consumed, that is what John Dramani Mahama administration left for us.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/