April 8, 2014

The Member of Parliament for North Dayi, George Loh said the posture of the minority over the three hundred and six million dollars for the Ridge Hospital Expansion Project is an indictment on parliament.

He said parliamentary committees are supposed to do thorough work on any bill or document brought before them. Hence, when members who had representatives on the committees and approved documents only to go public raising red flags, then it appears parliament is not doing its work.

Mr. Loh therefore questioned the motive behind the press conference held by the minority, adding that it does not speak well of them as parliamentarians representing the interest of the people.

The North Dayi MP who was contributing on AM: TALK on Multi TV made it clear that he was not against bringing back the document to parliament for a second look but said the right questions should have been asked at the committee level and not wait, approve it only to turn around and make it look as if they were not part of it.

But the New Patriotic Member of Parliament for Ablekuma North in the Greater Accra Region, Mr. Joe Appiah, refuted Mr. Loh’s accession adding that the issue was raised at the committee level but was thrown out.

Dominic Shirimori/Ghanamps.gov.gh