September 26, 2018

Minority Chief Whip, Mohamed Mubarak Muntaka is lamenting over the kind of politics the various political parties are conducting themselves in, in the various constituencies.

According to the Asawase lawmaker the kind of monetization is not making Members of Parliament stay more than two hours in the chamber of Parliament. They walk out.

He further added that by just sitting on the floor of the House, you learn a lot of things, because it is biggest university; “we have archeology to zoology passing through this place, many of us who learn to stay in the House we have learnt a lot”.

In the days of late Joseph Henry Mensah our senior Members of Parliament would sit in their seats and listen to debate, and further pointed out in the days of J. H Mensah even when you disagree with him you would listen to him.

He made this remarks when he paid tribute to late J. H. Mensah on the floor of the House, “we have left debate on the floor of the House into petty politics; we do not have quality debate national interest is left aside”.

“It was through the effort of J. H. Mensah that the Minority began shaping how they should conduct themselves, the kind of courage and force they had to put in to challenge the Majority, it was through the effort J. H. Mensah, today we have left everything to shouting we have now turn things to when you were here you did this and we are here we are doing it this way”, he lamented.

The Minority chief whip lamented over the insufficient time allocated to them to debate on the floor of the House and pointed out that the quality of debate is affected this days.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/