May 27, 2021

The Member of Parliament for Mpraeso Constituency, Davis Ansah Opoku is confident in his discussions with the Moroccan Ambassador to Ghana, HE Mrs Imane Quaadil, on how the greater Kwahu could collaborate with Morroco in the areas of tourism, agriculture and support for the Muslim communities would yield positive results.

According to Opoku, Morocco’s tourism contributed an amount of MAD 81.4 billion ($8.89 billion) to their economy in 2019, and they attract lots of tourists each year.

He therefore called on the ambassador to assist in the design of a tourism circuit and also the establishment of a tourism information centre in Kwahu.

Tourism in Kwahu is an untapped field, he recounted, adding that each town has unique tourism sites, and investing in marketing these sites will create many jobs for our people.

The MP said, we discussed fish preservation and also banana production, and possible exportation to Morocco.

According to the MP, the Ambassador accepted an invitation to visit Kwahu with the hope to visiting the Rock City and the paragliding site, and would love to see the greater Kwahu.

He said he also used the opportunity to appeal to her to use her office to support the reconstruction of the Mpraeso Mosque.