August 5, 2020
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MPA) has held a working dialogue with leadership of Parliament on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at the premises of the House.

The working dialogue is on the theme, “Nurturing career legislators in Ghana; prospects and challenges”, as a follow up to series of engagement the MPA has had with lawmakers to strengthen the institution play its critical role.

Today’s engagement is to examine the nature, causes and consequences of the high attrition among parliamentarian and discuss the prospects and challenges of nurturing career legislators.

And offer recommendations to address the high attrition rate in parliament and strengthen the relationship between Parliament and the MPA featuring chairman and ranking members of the Committee on Constitutional Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

Lack of stability in the Legislature could also lead to erratic lawmaking as parliament is deprived of accumulation of legislative skills and experience, and the phenomenon impairs the chances of nurturing career legislators of the critical human capital needed for institutional development.

Researchers have attributed the high attrition rate in Ghana’s Parliament to a number of factors not limited to excessive monetization of Ghanaian politics, the tension between the functions of parliamentarians and constraining effects of the hybrid political system which is defining characteristics of the 1992 Constitution among others.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/