November 7, 2017

Minister of the Interior, Ambrose Dery has revealed that with the ongoing Fulani Herdsmen menace in the country, it requires a multi sectorial intervention to deal with the situation.

He further noted that the menace is across the Sub-Region, what is needed to be done in this case is to come out with a permanent solution and to ask for all stakeholders to play their part.

For instance grazing grounds where the Fulani herdsmen with their cattle can graze containing them is a trans- human and does not pertain to only Ghana.

Again with the same Fulani menace we have sent a number of police to Abetifi to bring things under control, as I speak to you now calm has returned to the place, the three communities in which we had the disturbances, police have been stationed there for teachers and students to move around normally.

In addition, on the order paper of the House, you can see the report of the Defence and interior has to be adopted for discussion on the Fulani Herdsmen to be discussed, he said.

Mr. Ambrose Dery further made known that the security forces cannot do much without the involvement of media providing information and revealed that the National Peace Council has also played very important role.

And urge Ghanaians to come forward and give out information even if the person is his or her relative because tomorrow, “other persons relative will attack you and so until we make the commitment we are going to fight together to ensure that Ghana is safe for us”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/